Have you crossed one of our media on which you would like to advertise, then please get in contact with us.

We just need a couple of days!
It will take no more than 2 working days.


Passim Media is currently not public with all media in order to keep a competitive edge and uphold what is expected from various partners.

Joint ventures have our interest when we see potential for all of the collaboration partners.

In short: When partnering with us we make sure that we understand you and your customers needs. We do that to ensure the best possible result for all parties, when the customer decides to make a purchase or sign up on your website. Besides from putting in the effort up front, we only charge you based on actual sales or leads.

We mainly focus our attention and focus toward the household. We are trying to help the everyday person improve quality of life through better decision making on consumer goods, services and other improvements.

We are currently operating in most of Scandinavia, North and South America.

We do research on, plan and at times build encyclopedias, magazines and likewise to companies. 

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1123 Copenhagen

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